The following requirements need to be met before any dog is accepted:

Temperament Test:

Jax Dog Drop Bellevue Monday - Saturday 9am to 3pm Call for appointment

Jax Dog Drop Redmond Monday - Saturday 9am to 3pm Call for appointment

Jax Dog Drop Riverdog Monday - Friday 10am to 2pm Call for appointment

Sunday - No Tests

*Tests are around 4 hours long 

*Depending on dogs behavior

*If they are Shy or Nervous

*Dogs must pass test before we can schedule daycare or boarding

Please contact us for our Daycare, Boarding and Jax Club Membership Prices.


  • Bordetella

  • Rabies

  • DHPP (Distemper, Hepatitis, Parainfluenza, Parvovirus and Leptospirosis. 

  • Negative fecal exams (Test for Giardia and Parasites) are required yearly 

  • Puppies must have their first two rounds of shots 

Your Dog must be current on all of its vaccinations, be free of any communicable diseases, and have a negative fecal exam before the Dog stays at Jax Dog Drop. Preventative flea & tick medication needs to be regularly given to the Dog per the medications dosage directions, Fecal exams are required every 12 months, and vaccines must remain current per your veterinarian records for the Dog to continue to stay at Jax Dog Drop. Jax Dog Drop tracks the vaccine due dates of all of our dogs and will remind you when they are coming due. 

Current Veterinarian records that show immunization shots and a negative fecal exam are required before any dog is allowed to stay at Jax Dog Drop. 

Dog must be Neutered/Spayed by 6 Months

Dogs must be in good health

Dogs must not demonstrate excessive or uncontrollable barking

Frequently Asked Questions:

Dog Training Calendar

Classes that are scheduled on the dog training calendar will appear on the calendar.  Not all classes are scheduled on a regular basis, Classes will be posted for the following month on the first business day of the month prior. For example; October Classes will be posted September 1st or (1st Business Day). November classes will be posted October 1st or (1st Business day) 

 The class listed will be the first day of class, and they can range from 2 weeks to 7 weeks, depending on the class. Click on the name of class and it will bring up a description. The class will only appear on the start date on the calendar, weeks 2 through 7 will not.

 The arrows to the left and right of the calendar will allow you to navigate to see future classes, and help you find the perfect class for you and your furry family member. Once you find the class, hover over the class and click “RESERVE” to get registered.

 If you have not registered before, Click on “Create an Account,” fill in the information, and accept the liability waiver. If you have registered before, login in with your current login information.

Purchase Class, Click on “Buy,” Fill in Payment information, and “Place order”.

 You will receive a confirmation email. Once you receive it, please read the email in its entirety for any further instructions.

 Thank you for taking the next step in your dog’s training, We look forward to helping both the Owner and dog.

Puppy Preschool (2 weeks Long) - Puppy obedience 101 (7 weeks long) - Puppy obedience 102,  Basic Obedience 101, Beyond Obedience 102 (6 weeks long)

Reactive Rover 101/102, Agility & Tricks 101/102/103, Canine Good Citizen, Nose work classes, All  103 Classes, Outdoor excursions, Farm excursions (5 weeks long)

How does daycare benefit my dog?

The benefits of allowing your dog to attend dog daycare are very beneficial. Besides having fun, daycare has health benefits: exercise, socialization and a boost for the immune system. The weather in the Seattle area is wet most of the year, so having your dog burn off their energy at daycare helps with, separation anxiety, loneliness, they stay fit, sleep better, and suffer fewer symptoms of stress.

For most dogs, it teaches them invaluable social skills that will help them learn how to properly socialize with a variety of other dogs. It also helps puppies with their potty training by following other dogs in our outdoor play area. Hyperactive dogs are given a proper outlet for built up energy, and dogs needing to shed a few pounds can do so by playing all day.


How does dog daycare benefit me?

Dog Owners love doggie daycare because it helps them during their stressful long work days, rainy days, and just a busy day. After work or running errands, some might not be able to take their dog for a walk. So how do you cope with that? You bring them to Jax Dog Drop to burn off that energy. Most dogs after leaving Jax are tired and are ready to relax at home.

While your dog is at daycare, you don’t have to worry about your dog at home if they are chewing furniture or destroying your house. They are well taken care of at Jax.

Living in an apartment, town home, or house, and with dogs barking at stranger’s and every little noise in the neighborhood, daycare also assures you that neighbors will not talk to landlords about loud noise complaints.


How do I know if daycare is appropriate for my dog?

Daycare is not for every dog. Older dogs may have trouble adjusting to the commotion caused by a sizeable group of dogs romping and playing in a large area; shy dogs may be overwhelmed by the crowd; and aggressive dogs have NO PLACE in a group setting. The staff at Jax is experienced in recognizing the signs of discomfort and temperament that may indicate your pet is not right for the daycare setting.


Are there any breed restrictions at Jax Dog Drop?

No. We carefully evaluate each dog through our free temperament test. We’re confident in the experience and ability of our staff to recognize potentially problematic behaviors in a dog regardless of the breed.


My Vet never told me to get a Bordetella vaccination and/or a fecal exam (Test for Giardia and Parasites) ?

For dogs that aren’t engaged with other dogs on a regular basis, like at the dog park or dog day care, a fecal exam is not necessary. Most vets will ask owners if they plan to take their dog(s) to daycare or parks and plan vaccinations accordingly. If you dog is mostly with you in your home and take the occasional leash walk, you probably will only get baseline vaccinations; Rabies and DHLPP. Your dog will probably only require a fecal exam if there is an on-going digestive issue if they don't engage with other dogs. At Jax Dog Drop we require a yearly fecal exam. At dog daycare your do will will be socializing with other's and, like preschool kids, they need vaccines to protect them from the wide range of K9 diseases. 


My dog has had the kennel cough (Bordetella) vaccine and still came down with kennel cough at another facility. Do they really need it?

Yes! In Most cases the vaccine is very effective, but just like the human flu vaccination, it is only about 80% effective. Dog daycare is just like Kids daycare, some kids are more susceptible than other kids, also some can carry the virus and pass it on to others and never show signs or symptoms. It is very important that all social dogs are vaccinated for Bordetella to keep their immune system and the Pack's (herd's) immunization strong.


Why do you require that I spay/neuter my dog before allowing them to participate, even if he/she is a nice dog?

Intact dogs will be singled out and picked on by dominant dogs. An intact female may release pheromones when coming into heat that would cause conflict. To keep our play calm and fun and provide a happy, health, non-competitive environment, we cannot accept intact dogs over 6 months old. The safety and security of the dogs is our utmost important task.


What is a temperament Test?

This is how we determine if dog daycare is a good fit for your dog. A temperament test is an opportunity for our daycare staff and management to meet your dog and you. We’ll ask some questions about the dog’s history and behaviors that might or might not impact how well they do with other dogs. It also introduces both of you to the daycare experience being with a dog pack, We can observe whether they show any fear or anxiety or aggressive behaviors toward other dogs or staff. After our introduction and questions, we require that each dog stay for a minimum of 4 hours to experience time at Jax Dog Drop without your presence. At this time owners can tour our facility, ask any questions that may arise and meet some of the staff who will be caring for their dog.


Is there a charge for the assessment?

Please call for pricing.


What if my dog doesn’t pass the assessment?

Some dogs just don’t pass the test, but this does not make them a bad dog, some dogs just don't fit in the day care setting.  There is a range of reasons why a dog might not pas such as: they are not neutered/spayed before 8 months, they could have a high level of anxiety, an excessive barker, which causes other dogs to be riled up. The biggest reason is aggressiveness, we DO Not allow aggressive dogs in daycare or boarding. Dogs that are also sick or injured is another way for the dog not passing.

It does not mean your dog is bad, not trainable or aggressive, it just means that dog daycare is not the best fit for them currently. However, Jax Dog Drop has a local trainer that has great suggestions to help your dog be a better dog and knows dog walkers in the area.


Do you charge extra for feeding my dog or administering medications?

No, there is no additional charge for administrating medication. Only oral or topical medications are administrated. If you choose to have us provide food for your dog, there is a $1/cup fee plus tax. 


Should I bring my dog’s food from home or do you provide food?

We highly encourage you bringing your own dog food. We do not want to upset the dogs tummy. A change in diet could result in an upset stomach or diarrhea, and sometimes both. However, if you forget your food, or just prefer your dog to be fed the house food, a high-quality dry food is available for $1/cup. During feedings we have the dogs separated in one of our suites. We highly recommend some sort of crate training to make their feeding a little easier. 


How are dogs separated in the play areas?

They are separated primarily by size and energy level. We have one area for the big dogs that have lots of energy, the second area is for smaller dogs and dogs that have less energy. There is also either one or two outdoor fenced in areas for both groups of dogs depending which Jax Dog Drop they are at. 


Do you offer any discounts on daycare?

Yes, we offer multiple-dog discounts for families with more than one dog. We have a selection Jax Daycare membership packages to choose from which are discounted from our daily rate. We also have the Microsoft Passport/Prime discount for local residents for our Jax Membership packages.


What do the dogs do while they’re at daycare?

At Jax Dog Drop we interact with the dogs all day long, but mostly the dogs have fun playing with the pack, while we oversee the play. They tussle and play all day, maybe rest a little and then right back at it. We have a large facility both indoors and outdoors; there’s plenty of play space. With the Seattle weather we try at every opportunity of decent weather to get the dogs outside and enjoy the fresh air. When it gets warm we pull out the doggie pools for them to play in. If it does snow in the area, a couple of times a year, the dogs love jumping and having fun in the snow, until the paws get cold. We have play structures, dog houses, ramps and tables to enjoy, if it’s running around or taking a break, they have what they need.


What if my dog doesn’t like to play with other dogs?

Some dogs don’t like engaging with other dogs or be active like the puppies. Some enjoy and even prefer to just lounge around all day or cuddle up with one of our handlers. Just because they are not consistently playing they can still be socializing and mentally engaged.


Do the dogs really rest during nap time?

Some dogs like nap time in one of our suites or even cuddle up with other dogs in the dog houses. If owners want their dog having a nap time, we will do our best for them to enjoy quiet time. When most dogs get tired enough they can rest on a play structure, one of the table platforms in the playroom, or on the feet of the dog handlers.


If they have a nap, why does my dog come home so tired?

The dogs have exercising and having fun with other dogs. They had the opportunity to use their energy in a happy, safe and fun way. Like all of us after a busy full day, they are simply pooped. Some dogs have been tracked with GPS doing over 10 miles in our facility having fun and interacting with other dogs.


Is there training involved or can my dog be trained? If so, what kind?

There is no official training at our locations, but we try and reinforce positive behaviors with the dogs. While they are having fun and enjoying playtime with the pack, we make sure they are behaving and practicing basic obedience and manners. We try to help with no jumping on people, sit, and other basic commands.


Can my dog be injured at daycare?

We do our absolute best to ensure the safety and well-being of your pet, which is one of the reasons why we are so diligent in our temperament assessment screenings. Even after a dog is accepted to daycare, we may ask a dog to leave if they have behavioral problems. However, during rough play it is possible for dogs to get minor scratches or scrapes, just like kids on a playground. Our staff is highly skilled in monitoring dog behavior and incidents at Jax Dog Drop are rare.


What do you do if a dog gets sick or injured?

Our highest priority is the safety and well-being of your dog. Several our staff members are Dog CPR and first aid certified. We always contact the owner immediately about any illness or injury and if necessary, we make every effort to transport your dog to your vet who will know your pet’s health history. If your vet is more than a 30-minute drive from Jax Dog Drop, we will take your dog to one of the vets close by. We have excellent relationships with all the vet offices in our neighborhood and have a vet on 24-hour call. The vet will then contact you with their assessment and report.


Where does my dog go to the bathroom?

It may seem like an odd question, but we do get asked this a lot. It’s a concern for owners for health reasons as well as behavioral reason. Like all the other dogs here, your dog will go to bathroom outside. We highly encourage the dogs to use our outdoor fenced in area every chance we can. Even during rainy days, we will get the dogs outside, so they can go potty outside. Should they go to the bathroom inside, our staff immediately cleans up after them.


How does boarding work at Jax?

During your dog's overnight boarding at Jax, your dog will be in one of our suites. We have cots for them to sleep on while they are here. We follow the feeding schedule the owner provides us. They are also playing with our daycare dogs all day, there is no extra charge for that. We highly recommend some sort of crate training to make their overnight boarding a little easier. We recommend bringing something from home, toys, bedding, bones, blanket and even something that reminds them of their owner. All of these items will be separated from the rest of the dogs. 


How do you keep your facility clean?

Maintaining a clean store at all times is the second highest priority, after safety, at Jax Dog Drop. Cleanliness is the first thing most customers will notice when they walk in the door. Does it smell fresh? Are the floors clean? Are the surfaces wiped down? Are the offices materials and dog supplies organized? Are the retails products properly stocked? These are a few of the questions you might ask as an owner

Not only is keeping a clean store important for the appearance but also for the safety of your customers, dogs, and staff. Unorganized areas can cause trip and other physical safety hazards. Without continuous cleaning germs can build up throughout the store and diseases can be transmitted in many ways. Adhering to a regular cleaning schedule, using proper techniques, and keep the staff accountable for doing their part is the best way to maintain a clean, safe, and healthy work environment.

Aside from a member of our staff cleaning up any dog elimination, IMMEDIATELY as it happens, we also deep clean the entire facility.  Between these two practices, we provide a clean and sanitary area for your dog to play. Because the safety of your pets is our highest concern, we only use environmentally safe solutions.


Can I watch my dog play?

We don’t have a live feed setup, but we have our handlers taking photos of the dogs almost daily. They get posted on our Facebook pages and Instagram.


Are there specific drop off/pick up hours for daycare?

Unlike other dog daycare, we do not require reservations and we do not have certain pickup and drop off times.

You can drop off any time during the day starting at 6:30 a.m. and pick up anytime during the day prior to 7:30 p.m. (6:30 p.m. Issaquah Riverdog) Monday – Friday, 7:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. Saturdays and Sundays. If your dog is here less than four hours that is considered a half day; anything more than four hours is a full day.


There is a lot of barking when I drop off my dog. Is it always like this?

No. The dogs always get excited when a new dog arrives or when visitors stop by. Within just a couple minutes, the dogs settle down and everything is back to normal.