Dog Training Calendar

Classes that are scheduled on the dog training calendar will appear on the calendar.  Not all classes are scheduled on a regular basis, Classes will be posted for the following month on the first business day of the month prior. For example; October Classes will be posted September 1st or (1st Business Day). November classes will be posted October 1st or (1st Business day)

 The class listed will be the first day of class, and they can range from 2 weeks to 7 weeks, depending on the class. Click on the name of class and it will bring up a description. The class will only appear on the start date on the calendar, weeks 2 through 7 will not.

 The arrows to the left and right of the calendar will allow you to navigate to see future classes, and help you find the perfect class for you and your furry family member. Once you find the class, hover over the class and click “RESERVE” to get registered.

 If you have not registered before, Click on “Create an Account,” fill in the information, and accept the liability waiver. If you have registered before, login in with your current login information.

Purchase Class, Click on “Buy,” Fill in Payment information, and “Place order”.

 You will receive a confirmation email. Once you receive it, please read the email in its entirety for any further instructions.

 Thank you for taking the next step in your dog’s training, We look forward to helping both the Owner and dog.

Puppy Preschool (2 weeks Long) - Puppy obedience 101 (7 weeks long) - Puppy obedience 102,  Basic Obedience 101, Beyond Obedience 102 (6 weeks long)

Reactive Rover 101/102, Agility & Tricks 101/102/103, Canine Good Citizen, Nose work classes, All  103 Classes, Outdoor excursions, Farm excursions (5 weeks long)